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Starke Bypass


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Starke Truck Route

What is a PD&E Study?
The Project Development and Environmental (PD&E) Study is a detailed process by which major transportation projects are developed by the Florida Department of Transportation. The objective of a PD&E Study is to perform preliminary engineering studies to address the transportation and safety needs and to evaluate potential social, natural and physical environmental impacts. These studies are used to support the decisions concerning if and where the improvements should be built. This process has been authorized by Florida Statues to comply with the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and to secure Federal Government approval of the environmental documents.
What will happen to the traffic on U.S. 301 when the new corridor is constructed?
U.S. 301 will remain part of the State Highway System and will be used primarily for local traffic and those exiting the new corridor to visit local businesses.
What is the current schedule for the U.S. 301 project?
PD&E: Complete 2013
Design: Ongoing
Right-of-way acquisition: FY 2013/2014
Construction: Not yet funded
Will you pay me for what my property's worth if I am in the projected path of the new road?
As an owner of property needed for a transportation project, you will receive a written offer to purchase your property. The offer will be no less than just and full compensation.
How can I provide a comment on the U.S. 301 Bypass?
Comments can be directed to Nelson Bedenbaugh, Project Manager for the Florida Department of Transportation District 2, in the following two ways:

By e-mail to:

or by phone: 1-800-749-2967